You are invited to join the CTAPPNA community by working together; we can redesign healthcare to improve patient care, decrease spiraling healthcare costs, improve diversity, and work against lack of access and uneven quality in healthcare. By engaging with each other and working together to create a united force, we can take control of the healthcare system back into our hands.

  • CTAPPNA is a community of Pakistani descent physicians, surgeons, specialists, and sub-specialists of diverse clinical backgrounds united by a commitment to excellence supporting education and scientific development in Medicine, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of health care by fostering excellence and professionalism in the practice of Medicine and delivering state of the art health care, regardless of race, creed or gender.

    provides a platform to Connecticut Physicians & Surgeons, and Allied healthcare professionals for networking and a forum where the members can share resources, seek knowledge and promote best practices for delivering healthcare.

  • CTAPPNA aims to encourage a greater awareness of challenges in the field of healthcare and provide a platform for social, clinical, and academic networking.
  • CTAPPNA serves the medical community to provide humanitarian and medical relief and is an advocate in health care policy.
  • CTAPPNA advocates for & supports the rights of physicians and surgeons in their working environment.
  • CTAPPNA advocates for equitable patient rights for their healthcare without discrimination based on ethnicity, faith, race, creed, or gender and address the root cause of the problems patients face for seeking healthcare.

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